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Trademark Registration for Cosmetic Products

One of the 45 broad classes of the Nice International Classification of Goods and Services, the trademark class 3 is exclusively known to contain various cosmetics and cleaning products. Hence, all trademarks relating to these substances are mandatorily registered under this class in India and countries worldwide. This brief webpage offers precious information about our expert and innovative trademark registration services for class 3 cosmetics and cleaning products in India and abroad.

Well-based in Delhi, our well-resourced and fast thriving IPR law firm of nationwide and international prominence, extends the full-range of legal and advisory services related with all major and most significant categories of intellectual property, essentially including the full gamut of trademark related services. Here, only the trademark registration for cosmetic products is exclusively described to help the interested entrepreneurs and companies.

Class-3 Cosmetics Trademark Registration Services in India

The logo and brand name registration for class 3 cosmetics and other cleaning & aromatic substances in India and abroad covers the following products and preparations

  • Cosmetics and Cleaning Preparations and Products
  • Bleaching Preparations and other Substances for uses in Laundry
  • Perfumery and Fragrances
  • Abrasive Papers
  • Vehicle Cleaning Products
  • Body Cleaning and Beauty Care Products and Preparations
  • Hair Removal and Shaving Products
  • Dentifrices
  • Leather and Shoe Cleaning and Polishing Preparations
  • Tailors' and Cobblers' Wax
  • Sanitary Preparations and Toiletries
  • Skin Care Preparations and Products
  • Oral Hygiene Products
  • Products and Preparations for Hair Care
  • Animal Grooming Preparations
  • Essential Oils and Aromatic Extracts

At this juncture, it is important and securing that the following products and substances are not registered under the trademark class 3 --- sharpening stones and grindstones (Class 8); chemical chimney cleaners (Class 1); and the degreasing preparations used in the manufacturing processes (Class 1).

Regarded as one of the highly prestigious and trusted IPR law firms for trademark registration in india, the range of our trademark services encompasses the following tasks and processes --- trademark application filing with the relevant office of trademark registry, trademark prosecutions, trademark opposition, trademark renewal, trademark watch & monitoring, and trademark litigation, particularly the infringement litigation. Again, all different tasks associated with the registration of a trademark are performed proficiently and scrupulously by our discerning IPR lawyers. Available also is the service for free trademark search for class 3 products across Indian trademark databases, like that for all other trademark classes. For foreign registrations of these, served are the following international treaties and conventions by our veteran and well-informed IPR lawyers --- TRIPS Agreement, Berne or Paris Convention, European Union Trade Mark (EUTM), and the Madrid Protocol of WIPO.

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