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Trademark Registration for Pharmaceutical Products

With our internationally acclaimed IPR law firm of Delhi, readily and economically available are efficient trademark registration services for class 5 pharmaceutical and dietetic products in entire India, and under any of the targeted international conventions. Not only trademarks and service marks, but all other categories of intellectual property are also well-served by our adequately experienced and innovative IPR lawyers. But here, only the brand and logo registration for class 5 pharmaceuticals is exclusively described to help the interested people and companies in doing booming businesses in India or abroad.

Apart from proficient and perfect trademark registration for pharmaceutical products, ours other services related with these are the following --- trademark renewal, trademark opposition, trademark prosecutions for many different objectives, trademark litigation (infringement), and trademark monitoring and protection. Today, ours these services are executed as per the new Indian Trade Marks Rules, 2017.

Class-5 Pharmaceuticals Trademark Registration Services in India

The trademark class 5 of various pharmaceutical products and dietetic supplements encompasses the following products and preparations at large

  • Pharmaceutical Products and Preparations
  • Dental Preparations and Articles
  • Veterinary and Medical Preparations and Articles
  • Dietary Supplements and Dietetic Preparations
  • Medical Plasters, Dressings, Coverings, and Applicators
  • Hygiene and Sanitary Preparations and Articles
  • Food for Babies
  • Dietary Supplements for Animals
  • Disinfectants and Antiseptics
  • Deodorizers and Air-purifiers
  • Absorbent Articles for Personal Hygiene
  • Pest Control Preparations and Products
  • Fungicides and Herbicides

Our expert and expeditious services for the trademark application filing and all other trademark services are promptly available for the trademarks and logos associated with all above varieties of pharmaceutical and other products. Our resourceful and up-to-date IPR law firm has been hugely popular for various IPR services, essentially including the services for the trademark registration in india under all various 45 classes of the Nice classification. Again, the generous service of the free trademark search for class 5 pharmaceuticals and all other classes is also provided by our vibrant and decent IPR lawyers.

To remain perfect and secure, here it is important to note that the following products, preparations, and substances do not belong to the trademark class 5 for registration purposes --- deodorants (class 3), various types of sanitary preparations (class 3), medical supportive bandages (class 10), and various types of food and beverage supplements and replacements which are used for purposes other than medical and veterinary.

Lastly, depending on one's business plans and expansions, any India-based company may briskly register its class 5 trademarks under anyone or more of the following international conventions and treaties --- TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, European Union Trade Mark (EUTM), and the Paris Convention.

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