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Logo Design for Trademark Registration

A Logo is an utmost significant and vital piece of intellectual property for any entity, commercial, professional, or service. Again, this logo may relate with any product or service of a company, or may serve as a specific identity of the company itself. Our internationally famous law firm of Delhi, offers trademark-friendly logo design services to meet these all categories of requirements. Here, it may be noted that the logo to represent a company is mainly and exclusively related with the aims, vision, or specific duties/services of the company. But, the most common thing among these three broad categories of a logo is the fact that, the logo must be indubitably distinctive within the concerned jurisdictions.

Our well-informed and expert service of logo design for trademarking your product, goods, company or services is provided for all types of companies and for all 45 classes of goods and services listed in the Nice classification. Our logo designing services are described separately in the lower section. Here, it may also be noted that, our prestigious law firm of India has been a hugely popular IPR law firm which offers the full range of legal and advisory services for all major and most prominent categories of intellectual property to Indian and foreign clients.

Trademark-Friendly Logo Design Services

Our fast and expert trademark logo designing services are performed and escorted by veteran trademark lawyers and imaginative graphic designers, to make the logos suitable for prompt registrations and quite scintillating in the marketplaces. For each and every client, they can readily design a unique logo for trademark registration in India or abroad, under the specified class of the Nice classification.

Our updated & adept trademark lawyers and brilliant & well-seasoned graphic designers start conceptualizing and designing a logo (for the specified purpose) after listening requirements and objectives of a client. The following pieces of information are expected by us from our clients in this connection

  • Business or Service sector
  • The Main Objective of the demanded Logo, i.e. Trademark/Service-mark Logo or Company Logo
  • Any Specific Requirements or Special Preferences
  • Any Benchmark/Referral Logo
  • Any specific Colors or Color Combinations of choice

Our graphic designers will design 2-3 logos for a client, keeping in mind the above-mentioned points, in Photoshop formats like jpg, gif, png, etc. These proposed logos are designed considering scintillating distinctiveness and ready registrability of the same within the concerned jurisdiction. Thereafter, the newly designed logos will be forwarded to the client for suggesting any alterations/modifications in the logos. On request, these proposed logos may also be submitted to the client in the source file, i.e. PSD file, for these purposes. Then, checked thoroughly is the uniqueness of the modified logo selected finally by the client, through trademark search. Any subsequent changes may then be incorporated in the proposed logo for making that entirely unique and promptly registrable.

To avail our ingenious and hugely popular logo designing services, interested clients may readily ring at: +91-8800-100-281; or send their queries or requests to: Any legal service related with trademarks or other intellectual property may also be requested.