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About Us

The legal practice is not only about facts and the law but also about the business and money as well. In practice, however, legal issues cannot be separated from the business or corporate or professional activities and other professional characteristics. If we ask about what is legal advice? What one known by law business or what is advocacy? The answer is only one that is the operation, implementation and enforcement of legal services to one business in order to update the legal status of the same.

If we talk about legal world; then there are varied services to be offered by a legal firm who act as a legal represented for the company or business.
  • Trademark registration
  • Patent or copyright or other industrial design services
  • Company registration and new business formation
  • Taxation and other corporate legal activities
  • LLP, NBFC, FCRA, GO and deals in other business law concepts
  • Assisting in varied litigation processes.
  • Making the company familiar with every segment business law at domestic ad international level.

Besides these; legal services includes many more segments that take on business to the par to its great achievement. It is not only to update the legal status but also makes one to think and explores the best way how to grow business and how top deal with corporate sector efficiently.

We as a legal firm named Trademarkworld; serving with every services in trademark along with other IPR matters. We are a team of legal executives and solicitors having a vast pat experience and highly skilled while resolving any of the complex legal issues at the corporate level. Here, under the roof of trademarkworld; one can contact us for company registration and other IPR concepts where our attorneys will deal in resolving any of the services in trademark, copyright, patent and other intellectual property rights matters.