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Company Registration

Company formation is the very first and the most important task for doing business in any economic field, anywhere in the whole world. Therefore, top-quality and brisk company registration services are essential and vital legal services of ours full-service law firm enjoying worldwide fame and popularity. Our well-founded and extensively experienced law firm located in India has been providing the complete coverage of decent legal services concerned with all streams and areas of the law, for the best possible and timely service to companies and firms located in countries worldwide, for a long happy and successful period. In this special and highly productive article, we are giving comprehensive and refined information about ours services for company registrations in all across India, and other countries of the world. The company registration services for all popular forms of companies are given separately in the section below. Any person, entrepreneur, investor, professional, industrialist, etc., residing in any country of the world, can avail our swift company registration services promptly and economically, strictly as per the concerned national company law, such as the Companies Act, 1956 of India. Our well-informed and fully mature lawyers have been offering all legal services for doing fully secured and highly profitable businesses at national and worldwide levels in any interested economic fields.

Company Name Registration Services

Our company registration services encompass all major and minor tasks involved in the process of company registration with any ROC. These include intelligent and expert consultation regarding the selection of perfect form of company, obtaining consent to the proposed names of the new company, assisting in making of DINs and DSCs, drafting of elegant and visionary MOA and AOA, obtaining permission of all regulatory bodies for facilitating company registration, and representing our clients in the offices of concerned ROC.

Our well-equipped and experienced law firm is undoubtedly the most famous and popular in India, because of the location of it. So far, ours legal services for company registration india, have been utilized most gainfully by individuals and companies established in every part of the whole country, which are engaged in the businesses of various economic fields. For company registrations or company name registrations the most significant law in India is the Companies Act of 1956. This Indian company law has been amended regularly from time to time in the years 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2006, for making is most sophisticated and impeccable, at par with the company laws in other highly developed countries of the world. In compliance to the section 609 of this federal company law of India, there are well-established the offices of the registrar of companies (ROC) in all major States of the country, for supervising company registrations, and regulating the business activities of all registered companies and firms situated within their respective jurisdiction.