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Trademark Registration Pune

Fast flourishing Pune now finds its reputed place among the top ten largest metropolitan cities of India, and boasts of its considerably high per capita income in the whole country. This second most heavily populated city and the cultural capital of Maharashtra, is presently making fast and wide strides in various economic fields mentioned below, for more opulence. Hence, we dedicate the whole gamut of legal services for its rapid and well-rounded economic development and progress. In this enlightening and generous article, we are providing special information about ours superb and expeditious legal services only for trademark registration pune. Ours other legal services provided in all across Pune are informed in our other articles bearing pertinent titles. Our law firm is a globally prominent and acclaimed legal organization conveniently well-based in India, and has been offering decent and expert legal services in all areas of the law to individuals, companies, and firms established in countries worldwide, for a long period. All significant and emerging economic fields of this seventh biggest metropolitan economy of the country, are covered proficiently by ours tm registration pune, at national and worldwide levels.

Trademark Registration Office in Pune

All categories of trademarks and service marks belonging to companies, industries, and firms which are located in all across Pune, are made registered and nationwide secured with regulatory support of the head trademark office situated in Mumbai. Therefore, for registering and protecting trademarks and service marks of its entities, there is no governmental tm registration office in pune. Ours well-connected law firm provides the services of a dutiful and expert trademark office in pune, for obtaining registration of all trademarks and service marks pertaining to entities situated in Pune, with the help of the zonal trademark office located in Mumbai at Antop Hill. Ours this accredited trademark registration office pune, is now hugely popular by companies and firms occupied in all economic sectors of Pune. The economic fields essentially covered by ours trademark registration services in Pune are education and teaching, engineering and manufacturing, information technology, automotive, forging, advertising, catering and hospitality, glass, banking and finance, sugar, insurance, and other services. All domestic registrations for trademarks are governed under the Indian Trade Marks Act of 1999; and all overseas registration of these are administered under TRIPS Agreement, Berne and Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark.