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Trademark Filing and Registration Services in Moradabad

Distant just around 150 Km from Delhi and famous as a major export hub of India, constantly progressing Moradabad has been receiving our ace-quality and expeditious IPR services for past many years. So far, its numerous manufacturers and exporters have harnessed our world-class service for trademark registration in moradabad for doing business in its various industrial fields.

For each major category of industrial intellectual property, our internationally commended IPR law firm of Delhi offers the full coverage of legal and advisory services. Today, the most popular of these services are the online trademark services which range from creation and registration of trademarks and logos to renewal and protection of the same in India and abroad. Now, these services are extended in strict compliance with the new Indian Trade Marks Rules of 2017. Our trademark and brand name registration services are adroitly performed for all 45 classes of the Nice classification of goods and services. At international levels worldwide, our up-to-date and efficient trademark services are provided under the following treaties or conventions ---- TRIPS Agreement of WTO, Madrid Protocol of WIPO, Berne or Paris Convention, and the European Union Trade Marks (EUTM).

Brand Name and Logo Registration in Moradabad at +91-8800-100-281

Broadly, trademarks/service-marks distinguish products/services of a company; while the company logo serves as identity of and represents the reputation and vision of the company, in the concerned jurisdictional marketplace. Hence, these items of intellectual property must be indisputably unique and strikingly scintillating. Our trademark and logo design and registration services do qualify this scrutiny.

Aware and ambitious manufacturers and exporters of Moradabad may utilize our flawless and quick trademark registration services for doing business in the desired industrial fields at the national level and/or international level. Besides the trademark and logo registrations, our other trademark services are the following ---- trademark renewal, trademark opposition, trademark infringement litigation, trademark prosecutions for various aims, trademark watch and monitoring, and hiring and acquisition of the registered trademarks and service marks.

Today, the following economic fields of fast-paced Moradabad can receive our expeditious and expert services for registrations of trademarks and logos ---- various brassware items and handicrafts, glass products, mint industry, iron sheets and metal ware, and many new fast-emerging industrial fields.

Industrialists and exporters located in the industrially thriving city of Moradabad, may promptly avail our securing and propelling trademark services, just through ringing at: +91-8800-100-281; or sending their queries or requests to: