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Trademark Application Filing and Registration in Ghaziabad/Sahibabad

Today, Ghaziabad and Sahibabad are among the fastest progressing cities of the NCR, especially in various industrial and commercial fields. Our first-class, fast, and reasonably-charged legal service of trademark registrations for these cities can make its economic growth more rapid and affluent. So far, numerous of its people and entities have harnessed our IPR services lavishly.

Located in Delhi, our prestigious and internationally famous IPR law firm of India has been offering ingenious and impeccable legal services for all categories of intellectual property, to serve and propel businesses and services in all economic sectors in India and abroad. Here, only the service for trademark application filing in ghaziabad and sahibabad is informed about, exclusively in the lower section. Besides the service for logo and trademark registrations, our other legal services related with trademarks and service marks are the following

  • Trademark Renewal
  • Trademark Opposition
  • Trademark Infringement Litigation
  • Trademark Prosecution for different aims
  • Trademark Watch and Monitoring
  • Hiring and Acquisition of Trademarks and Service Marks

Today, the majority of our above services are available through online means, and ours these online trademark services are rather popular in entire India. Again, the new Trade Marks Rules of 2017 are now complied with for performing these services by our trademark lawyers of rich erudition & experience and international fame.

Brand Name and Logo Registration in Ghaziabad/ Sahibabad at +91-8800-100-281

The logo and brand name registrations of industries and companies located in these two cities of Uttar Pradesh are performed under the regional trademark registry office of New Delhi. All below-mentioned economic fields of these cities are covered by us for this purpose. We also offer thesetrademark and logo design and registration services for international businesses.

At present, the most suitable and progressive fields of Ghaziabad and Sahibabad for harnessing our ingenious and lavish trademark registration services are the following --- machine tools, chemicals, papers and plastics, computer hardware and software, real estate and construction, transportation, education and teaching, light to heavy engineering equipments and machineries, hospitality and entertainment, retail, and many other fast emerging fields in the sectors of manufacturing and services. After filing registration application through the new Form TM-A, an applicant may file the Form TM-M for requesting expedited processing of the application, in case of prompt and swift registration.

Entrepreneurs and entities of Ghaziabad and Sahibabad may ring at: +91-8800-100-281; or dart their queries or requests at:; for utilizing our efficient and innovative trademark services, for doing business/service in India or abroad.