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Trademark Infringement

Fatal to businesses are trademark infringement cases. Therefore, all types of trademark infringement cases must be avoided and tackled promptly by reputed and responsible business owners. Trademark infringement cases are liable to reduce the business of the concerned product, to damage the unique prominence and established popularity of the product, to spoil the reputation its company, and thus, curtail the overall profits of the full-fledged company. To resolve such trademark infringement cases and litigation, there are available trademark infringement laws in national and international jurisdictions worldwide. In this particular article, we are offering information about the trademark infringement law in india, and ours brilliant and rigorous services for tackling trademark infringement litigation in all across India.

All those activities that encroach upon the legitimate and due trademark rights of the registered owner come under the trademark infringement. The most common activities of trademark infringement are - creating or using illegally any objectionably similar trademark or service mark to the trademarks already registered within the jurisdiction, commercial uses of the registered trademarks of other companies, selling inferior products using the registered trademarks of other company, etc. Our well-seasoned and mellow trademark lawyers and litigators have been delivering brilliant and rigorous services for trademark infringement litigation worldwide.

Trademark Infringement Law in India

For sorting out trademark infringement in india, there are elegant and rigorous rules and provisions given in the federal trademark law of India which is represented by the new Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002. The section 134 of the new Trade Marks Act of 1999, gives information about the trademark infringement lawsuit, and the appropriate law courts for filing such infringement lawsuits in India. Such lawsuits should be filed at courts not lower in status than the District court. The most common outcomes of such a trademark infringement lawsuit are prompt injunction on the infringement activities by alleged company, and recovery of monetary compensation for the damages caused by infringement. Ours lawyers and litigators have been tackling trademark infringement litigation in every part of India on behalf of companies and firms doing business in various economic fields. The trademark infringement cases of Indian entities in foreign jurisdictions are also flawlessly handled by ours renowned trademark lawyers and litigators, under the rules and provisions prescribed by the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark. Our other popular legal services for trademarks and service marks associated with all economic fields are brisk trademark registrations, bold trademark oppositions, punctual trademark renewals, vigilant trademark monitoring and watch, and expert trademark consultations, which are provided in all across India and countries worldwide.