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Trademark Registration Hyderabad

Extensively famous for pearls, historical monuments, art and literature, architecture, and delectable cuisines for several past centuries, Hyderabad has now also emerged as one of the globally prominent centers for well-developed industries in the fields of information technology, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. In addition to these fields, Hyderabad has also been making fast and amazing progress in various other economic fields mentioned below. Again, this largest city of Andhra Pradesh is one of the most populated cities of India, highly suitable for doing a well-secured and lucrative business in any desired occupational field. Hence, our adequately experienced, full-service, and globally famous law firm has been offering the complete coverage of legal services to individuals and entities located in all across this fast-growing city of south India. In this specific and highly productive article, being provided are details about ours hugely popular services for trademark registration hyderabad. All different configurations and designs of newly created trademarks and service marks pertaining to any of all economic fields of Hyderabad are expertly and expeditiously supported by us at national and worldwide levels.

Trademark Office in Hyderabad

All trademarks and service marks freshly created by companies, industries, and firms situated in different parts of Hyderabad, and doing business in diverse economic sectors, are registered properly by the regional trademark office located in Chennai, at G.S.T Road, Guindy. Hence, there is no any governmental trademark registration office in hyderabad, for registering, regulating, and protecting trademarks and trademark rights. Ours private and accredited trademark office in hyderabad helps entities situated in all across this city, in making all proceedings regarding registration and protection of their respective trademarks and service marks with the zonal trademark office established in Chennai. The economic fields encompassed by ours services for trademark registration hyderabad, are information technology, travels and tourism, engineering and manufacturing, biotechnology, film and entertainment, pharmaceuticals, catering and hospitality, advertising and media, education and teaching, real estate and construction, retail marketing, banking, leisure and entertainment, business outsourcing, insurance, and other services. At national level, trademarks in these fields are registered under the Indian Trade Marks Act of 1999, with support of the trademark office in Chennai; and at international level, these are procedurally registered under TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, Berne Convention, and the European Community Trademark.