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Trademark Registration for Hand Tool Products

The diverse trademarks associated with the businesses of various hand-operated tools, implements, and equipments are registered under the class 8 of the Nice classification in India and countries worldwide. Our trademark registration services for class 8 hand tools are provided in entire India as well as at the international levels worldwide. Perfection, swiftness, economy of service charges, and better satisfaction of clients, etc., have been the priorities of our Delhi-based full-fledged IPR law firm of India.

Superlative and securing legal services for all different categories of intellectual property are extended proficiently and responsibly by our well-resourced and visionary IPR law firm of international fame and faith. For over a decade, we have been hugely popular and dependable for trademark registration in india under all various 45 classes of the Nice classification. Besides the trademark application filing, our other expert legal services related with trademarks and service marks are the following --- trademark prosecutions, trademark renewal, trademark opposition, trademark litigation (mainly trademark infringement litigation), and trademark monitoring and protection.

Class-8 Hand Tools Trademark Registration Services in India

Our excellent and expeditious services for the logo and brand name registration for class 8 hand tool products cover the following hand-operated tools, implements, and equipments:

  • Hand-operated Tools for Treatment of Materials
  • Hand-operated Tools and Implements for Construction and Repairing
  • Hand Tools for Cutting, Grinding, Sharpening, and Surface Treatment
  • Food Preparation Utensils and Implements, and Kitchen Knives and Cutlery
  • Lifting Jacks and Tools
  • Fastening and Joining Tools
  • Animal Slaughtering and Butchering Implements
  • Agricultural and Gardening Tools
  • Keen-edged and Blunt Weapons
  • Manicure and Pedicure Tools
  • Hair Cutting, Shaving, and Hair Removal Implements
  • Fire Tending Implements
  • Hygienic and Beauty Implements and Tools for Humans and Animals
  • Hair Styling Appliances
  • And, other hand-operated tools, equipments, and implements

All many different tasks associated with registration of a newly-created trademark belonging to any above tools and implements are performed adroitly by our expert and innovative IPR lawyers. Again, our punctilious and generous IPR law firm also offers the task of the free trademark search for class 8 hand tools in connection with the nationwide trademark registrations in India.

To remain safe, it is worth noting that the following tools, implements, and equipments are not classified into the class 8 hand tools and equipments --- power-operated machine tools (class 7), firearms (class 13), fencing weapons (class 28), medical and surgical cutlery (class 10), and paper knives (class 16). Lastly, for the international trademark registration for hand tool products, the following are served proficiently by our veteran IPR lawyers --- TRIPS Agreement, Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Union Trade Mark (EUTM).

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